short stories

eStories about love and abandonment, with themes that range from the bizarre to the everyday.

Individually published as part of the Lit Hits series:   Literary shorts to read before bed, on the train, in the park or whenever you have a spare moment.

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book jacket No Sudden MovementsNo Sudden Movements

An abandoned dog found on the side of the road between Ostia and Rome becomes the reason for an unlikely encounter between an English single mother, an Italian granny and two small children.

First published in 2011 as part of the ‘Where We Fell To Earth’ anthology.



It’s 1980 and two old aged pensioners go on a date in a walled garden. One brings a flask and flapjacks, the other his love of lamination.

Winner of the  Momaya Press Short Story Award and the  Segora Short Story Award, 2010.


When a widower is given a dog by his son to keep him company, he isn’t very happy about it.

It isn’t until he meets another owner of the same breed that he’s able to appreciate the gift he’s been given.

A love story.  Or a ghost story?



The economic crisis forces Stefano to move from his apartment in the historic centre of Rome.

But it’s not just a lifestyle downgrade that he faces…

A mysterious beast also awaits him in the suburbs.



Angie is a middle aged, overweight cashier whose life changes when she takes up dancing.

She can’t live in a fantasy world forever, though.

Or can she?


book jacket No Bad PetsNo Bad Pets

It’s hard to find somewhere decent to live in London, on a budget. Nicola thinks she’s found her dream home. Until her landlord’s cats ruin everything.

First published by The Book Place, 2001.




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